Posted by: tollinfo | August 4, 2008

Prior notice information of planned electronic truck tolling

The Republic of Slovenia plans to introduce a free-flow multilane Electronic Fee Collection (EFC) system for heavy vehicles. 

The key elements of the planned EFC System are: 

— The system applies to all vehicles above 3,5 tons, including buses, with some exemptions, e.g. agricultural vehicles. The charge applies equally to national and foreign vehicles. About 75 000 Slovenian vehicles will be subject. 

— The tolled network encompasses all motorways and express ways, plus a defined set of lower class roads. Total network length is about 1 900 km (subject to final definition in law). 

— The charge will legally be a fee subject to VAT. It will be collected by the Operator, which will be a company under private law, jointly controlled by the state, represented by the Ministry of Transport, and by DARS, the Slovenian motorway concessionaire. 

— The tolled network is composed of defined road segments. The charge is to be paid per road segment passed. The tariff depends on segment length, and on vehicle characteristics (number of axles, EURO emission category). The tariff may depend on time of day, if the technical solution allows for it. 

— The fee shall be collected in free flowing traffic. Users shall be offered a fully automatic solution with on-board equipment using technology compliant with Directive 2004/52/EC. A non-discriminatory solution must also be offered that can be obtained by any user within very short time (i.e. without long installation) anywhere in Slovenia. Whether this non-discriminatory offer is implemented with on-board equipment or with another solution is not prescribed. 

— The institutional setup follows the CESARE model. Also the procurement documentation follows this model throughout. 

— The scope of the procurement is the provision of the toll collection service (Service Provider in the CESARE model), plus some central services for the Operator (part of the Toll Charger in CESARE). 

— The system shall be in operation within one year after signing the contract with the service provider.

Source: DARS

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