Posted by: tollinfo | April 5, 2008

The SlovakPass perspective

The excluded SlovakPass consortium has set up a dedicated web-site to inform the public about the tender circumstances which have led to their exclusion:

The most interesting passage from the site content is the following part:

“NDS wants to accept for a strategically utmost important project (the money for the national road infrastructure goes “through” the operator of the tolling system) a company which is an empty shell and whose owners are unknown!

See attached the list of IBERTAX shareholders. IBERTAX, together with Sanef, owns SanToll, the so far only remaining bidder in this tender (and the most expensive, too).

The two Cyprus based owners of IBERTAX are joint stock companies with bearer-shares. This means that nobody can control who the real owner(s) is (or are) or will be. Usually and understandably the national authorities in such tolling tenders want to assure very strict control on the ownership of the tolling operator.

Strangely enough, Siemens Austria alleged to know the “main” shareholder (Austrians weekly magazine “profil“, 26/2008, June 23rd 2008). In that connection it might be interesting to take a look back to Satways and its consortium partner ABN Amro ETC: here Siemens did not know even their consortium partner.

Media reported about J&T’s denial and later on confirmation of being involved in IBERTAX (in the past, in present and their wish to be involved in future too). We have no comments to that.”


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