Posted by: tollinfo | May 15, 2007

Implementation assessment of the Czech electronic toll system

As some months of operational experience on the Czech toll system has accumulated, Satellic has compiled the following list of facts:

– No Interoperability: The Czech system is not interoperable with other microwave systems 

– The current implementation deficiencies: majority of the gantries have been built without construction permits, majority of the gantries are equipped with a diesel generator (not a standard cable) 

– Environment in danger: The diesel leaks from the diesel generators and contaminates the ground waters – huge environmental issues 

– Contract changes after winning the project: The operator could only introduce the tolling system after having signed a secret annex to the contract giving it more time to introduce toll (by splitting the toll introduction into two phases – highways and 1st class roads) and lowering the recording quota of the system from 95% to 80%

– Unclarity from first moment: The operator has communicated that it will supply a hybrid system in the 2nd phase (a combination of microwave and satellite system), however not specifying any details. Recently, the Czech Government has stopped the 2nd phase due to the fact that the hybrid system is not economically feasible.


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