Posted by: tollinfo | November 16, 2005

Results of submitted bids for electronic toll tender

The Transportation Ministry announced in early October that the consortium of Ascom Fela, Damovo and ABD group presented the lowest bid. The consortium requested 15 billion Kč (530 Million Euros) with which to build and run the electronic toll system for 10 years.

Meanwhile, Autostrade has offered its system for 17.5 billion Kč (620 Million Euros); Kapsch/PVT has asked for 22 billion Kč (780 Million Euros); and a consortium of A-WAY, AZD Praha, Efkon and EGIS Projects proposed 33.7 billion Kč  (1200 Million Euros) to build and run the system.

The lowest two bids have been declared to be ‘excluded for formal reasons’, prompting legal recourse of the excluded bidders. Deputy Transportation Minister Jiří Kubínek maintains that a microwave system could go up in time to provide revenues that will more than cover the costs.

Source: Prague post


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