Posted by: tollinfo | August 18, 2004

Lorry road user charge preparations enter new phase

HM Customs and Excise has announced that 10 companies and suppliers have been selected to go through to the next stage of the procurement process for the forthcoming Lorry Road User Charge scheme.

The 10 companies, Accenture, Autostrade SPA, BT plc, Capita Group plc, DaimlerChrysler Services AG, IBM, Serco plc, Siemens plc, T Systems International and Tracs Consortium have been issued with Preliminary Invitations to Negotiate (PITNs).

After a further stage in the procurement process, final Invitations to Negotiate are expected to be issued in January following evaluation of these initial bids.

The Lorry Road User Charge (LRUC) will deliver the Government’s manifesto commitment to ensure that all lorries using UK roads, irrespective of nationality, contribute on a fair and equal basis towards the costs they impose.  The Government recognises that UK operators already contribute to these costs and plan to introduce a fuel duty repayment for all lorries that buy fuel in the UK.

The Chancellor announced in Budget 2004 that Customs and Excise will be responsible for managing the LRUC.  Plans for the procurement process were announced in LRUC Progress Report Three ‘Modernising the taxation of the haulage industry: lorry road user charge’, published on Budget day 2004.

The procurement timeline is indicated in the Procurement Prospectus. Award of contracts is expected to be before the end of 2005. The Lorry Road User Charge is expected to come in to force in 2007/08

Source: HM Customs and Excise Marketing and Communications Division


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