Posted by: tollinfo | February 23, 2004

Lorry road user charging system implementation cost is estimated at GBP 500 Million

UK truckers will soon have their first details of the government’s road-user charge for lorries that comes into force from 2006.

A senior Customs ‘ Excise official told delegates to the Freight Transport Association in London that a pre-project report on the distance-based charge will be published ‘in the next couple of months’. Linda Swinburne, responsible for delivery of the programme, added that some details may be included in the Chancellor’s budget speech on March 17.

The final technical specification of the UK lorry road user charge has still to be established, although it will be satellite-based and will be ‘revenue neutral’, with a fuel duty offset mechanism.

Although Ms Swinburne did say there would ‘inevitably be winners and losers’, she added that C’E officials are still working on the charging structure of the system, which will cost GBP500m ($950m) to implement.

On the technical front, she said UK officials were working with German colleagues to ensure London does not repeat the LKW Maut road toll disaster that has been postponed. She said: ‘We have no intention of creating a telematics monopoly.’

Source: Europe Intelligence Wire


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