Posted by: tollinfo | May 20, 2002

Why has been Kapsch selected as supplier?

After winning the bid for the Austrian free-flow electronic truck tolling system in May of 2002, the Italian AutoStrade has selected Kapsch as supplier for their on-board units gantry-mounted readers. This decision appears to go against all conventional business logic:

– AutoStrade has had an already deployed and in-house developed electronic toll solution, the TelePass system. They could have supplied in-house technology.

– The technology offered by Kapsch has been previously and ever since this tender a competing product for other toll projects. AutoStrade has helped their competitor to their first ‘national system’ contract.

– AutoStrade’s TelePass system has a higher transaction accuracy than the contracted Kapsch technology, as documented by the EC’s expert group on electronic toll enforcement (EETS expert group 10) in their recommendations report. So it is not possible to point to technology superiority.

This decision might go down as a major mystery in the history of tolling industry…

Source: opinion of BroadBit electronic toll experts

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